I-Cleaner 120C -The Most Affordable Pool Cleaner- Sold out 20-12-2021

CAL has introduced the new affordable I-Cleaner 120 C  robotic pool cleaner. This stylish pool cleaner takes all the hard work out of maintaining your pristine swimming pool. All you have to do is place the robot in the pool, turn it on and it will clean the floor and walls automatically. The self-contained filter bag means there is no need to clean your sand filter after vacuuming is complete. Simply rinse the internal filter bag and you are ready for the next clean.

Standard Features 

  • A genuine wall climbing residential robotic pool cleaner
  • 300 liters per minute of filtration
  • 2hr cleaning cycles (Domestic Model)
  • 15m tangle-resistant floating cable (Domestic Model)
  • Powerpack 
  • Sponge wheels suitable for most firm pool tank surfaces-please note the 120C is not suitable for unreinforced PVC liner pools. 
  • 24 month limited warranty for domestic use
  • Full after-sales servicing & spare parts available from the New Zealand distributor Coombes Aquatics Ltd

Marketed in Australia under the Robo Tek brand. The I-Cleaner 120C is the baby brother of the Rob-Tek-Robo-Plus or I-Cleaner 120 Pool Vac in New Zealand. It has all the engine power of its "big brother", but without the luxury extras.  

The I-Cleaner 120C makes pool cleaning easy and enjoyable.  

Buy online or telephone our friendly team to place your robotic pool cleaner order and make pool cleaning easy and a joy to watch!    


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