Parakiore Recreation and Sports Centre

The originally named Metro Sports Centre has been renamed Parakiore Recreation and Sports Centre Read more

Thank you, Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd from the students of Kaiapoi Borough Primary School.

Massive applause for Hot Water Heat Pumps Limited, Coombes Aquatics' long-term swimming pool heat pump supplier for coming to the rescue of Kaiapoi Borough Primary School, when Kaiapoi Borough's heat pump came to a grinding halt, at the worst possible time! Read more

Kaikoura Aquatic Centre Wa Kaukau

Coombes Aquatics Specialist Water services team has been quietly working away on one of New Zealand's most picturesque
sites, the new Kaikoura Aquatic Centre Wa Kaukau, on Scarborough Street, which encapsulates Kaikoura's stunning mountains to sea views Read more

Splash Palace - Invercargill's Triple Waterslide is looking good

splash Palace Invercargill's triple water slide is almost there - some sneak pics of the progress so far Read more

New shipment of Roboter Robotic Pool Cleaners has arrived.

The wait is over- New Roboter Robotic pool vacuum stock has finally arrived. Purchase online or phone our team today for your new pool vacuum. Read more

The ELBE Blue Marble Sparkle-finished just in time for the Christmas Break

How to add Style, pizazz, and functionality to a traditionally painted concrete and water-lined tiled residential swimming pool Read more

Fernside School's Beautifully Completed Pool and Plant Room Refurbishment

Fernside School's swimming pool is set for many more years of Student and Community enjoyment. Read more

Riccarton Primary School's Pool is almost ready for the summer swim season

Just add water and Riccarton Primary School's refurbished pool is ready to go! Read more

Splash Palace, 13m High Triple Waterslide Structure is up!

Invercargill's Splash Palace's massive 13m high waterslide platform and staircase is up! Read more