Remco Electronic Pool Covers

Remco pool covers are the ultimate luxury electric pool cover.

Designed by Australian Architect, Michael Bialek for the discerning residential and commercial pool owner. 

Aesthetically pleasing your slated PVC or Polycarbonate solar, fully electric pool cover can be deployed or reeled in at the flick of a switch or push of a button on your handheld poolside remote. 

The Remco Swimroll covers can be installed on the stylish Remco above-ground stainless steel pedestal reel, or retrospectively fitted into a solid surface swimming pool, under a discreet cover seat. For new swimming pool builds, a bespoke designed water-filled cover pit can be integrated into the poolside wall or created below the swimming pool floor. 

Colour options available: 

PVC slated thermal covers come in:

  • Rock Grey
  • Pebblestone
  • White 

Polycarbonate Solar slated covers come in:

  • Solar black Polycarbonate
  • Clear - blue tint polycarbonate
  • Transparent polycarbonate.     

To see if a Remco Swimroll electric pool cover is suitable for your pool environs contract our project team today.   

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