MacBall Heat Saver Thermal Pool Covers & Reel Systems

Thermal Pool Covers 

The MacBall Heat Saver Pool Covers are made-to-measure, quality-designed thermal pool covers for your Residential, Spa, Commercial, or School swimming pool.  Coombes Aquatics Limited has been custom-making these durable,  thermal pool covers in their Christchurch workshop for over 30 years and many of our residential, commercial, and school customers are on to their 2nd and 3rd pool blankets.    

Every blanket is:

  • Tailor-made to your pool dimensions.   
  • Made with a durable UV-resistant polyethylene Blue outer and crosslinked polyethylene foam core. 
  • Pool covers trap in the days generated heat.  
  • Reduce evaporation.  
  • Save water and chemical loss.   
  • Weighted edging is added to all exterior covers to prevent blankets from blowing away in the wind.
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty.  

The MacBall covers thermal efficiency, resulting in an approximate  2-3 year payback cycle for a cover lifecycle of 7-10 years depending on the climate.  Coombes Aquatics manufactures the MacBall thermal pool cover for the New Zealand market in our Christchurch workshop and is under distributorship for the Australian market.     

All Pool covers are made to measure from the same quality materials and standards to ensure your complete pool cover satisfaction.

We can custom-make pool covers to fit your; Indoor, Outdoor, Spa, Lap, Plunge, Kidney, uniquely shaped residential, 12m, 25m,  33m, or 50m Olympic-sized competition pool.

Pool Cover Reel Systems

Pool cover reel systems are designed to complement your recreational pool space and budget. 

Made from durable powder-coated NZ Stainless Steel in our Christchurch metal workshop our range of pool cover reels can be matched to suit your pool needs.

Our standard reel range features: 

  • The Pedestal Reel: an affordable cover reel that is permanently anchored to the pool edge and manually wound.
  • The Mobile Reel:  a caster wheeled,  brushed stainless steel manual reel that provides the flexibility to move the cover reel aside when not in use.
  • The Underbench: a stylish wooden underbench reel system that can be fixed poolside or mobilised. Discreet pool cover storage with the added bonus of extra poolside seating. The underbench reel can be clad in Kwila to match your pool decking or durable Modwood, a modern,  robust cladding solution ideal for commercial, school, and community pools.    
  • Bespoke Wall anchored reels, Underdeck Pop-up reels, and automated reels can all be engineered to suit your specific residential or commercial pool environment. 

Autowind -The mobile Automatic pool cover solution.  

For large commercial and school pool covers, we have designed the CAL Autowind unit, a mobile battery-powered winch system that takes all the hard work out of reeling in and deploying heavy,  long pool covers. The Autowind unit has been specifically designed for pool attendant's and caretakers' daily use.  The Autowind system automates all three of our pool cover Reel systems. 

Contact our sales team for a pool cover and reel system quote to suit your pool requirements.     

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