Steam Rooms

Steam Rooms

Steam rooms, like saunas, are extremely popular in Europe and Asia and were traditionally referred to as a Turkish- style bath. The health benefits of a steam room and growth in the NZ Wellness market have resulted in Steam rooms being a feature in many upmarket gyms, hotels, health spas, and Wellness centre's throughout New Zealand.

How it works 

Steam is produced via a mix of heat and humidity. The EOS steam generator boils the water and turns it into steam. The steam is then released into a purpose-built, enclosed steam room creating 100% humidity. The heat produced by a steam shower is moist and humid and the steam rooms ambient temperature is approximately 42°C -47°C. It is the moisture factor that makes the steam room at these hot temperatures a comfortable,  revitalising wellness space to be in.   

Steam generators are sized to the cubic meter room space (m3) and because steam turns to water via condensation, steam rooms in NZ  are required to be built to the Wet Room building code standards just like your residential or commercial shower space. 

The Wellness effect for your body  

The steam room wellness benefits are

  • Improve overall cardiovascular health
  • Improved circulation,
  • Lowers blood pressure,
  • Reducing stress,
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Clears congestion by opening up the airways and many Asthma suffers enjoy the steam rooms moist heat to the sauna's dry heat
  • Promotes skin health,
  • Aids workout recovery,
  • Loosening stiff joints
  • Boosts energy and mood

Why EOS Steam Equipment 

EOS are internationally renowned for their range of quality wellness products that are stylish, effective, efficient, and above all a joy to use in your wellness space. 

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