Lake Taupo Holiday Resorts New Twin Polin Waterslide

Lake Taupo's Holiday Resort's new colourful twin Polin Waterslides tick all the boxes. The new twin water slides are fun, fast, and challenging, and perfectly complement the Resort owners' quest to achieve, "the ultimate backyard paradise." Read more

Clarkville School's Swimming Pool Winter Makeover- finished just in time for the Summer School Swim Season

Clarkville School's indoor swimming pool and plant room have undergone a winter makeover, with stunning results. Read more

Kaikoura Aquatic Centre Wa Kaukau is officially open

The new Kaikoura Aquatic Centre Wa Kaukau was officially blessed by Te Runanga o Kaikoura and opened by the Kaikoura Charitable Trust on Sunday 14 of November 2021 to the joy and appreciation of the wider Kaikoura community. In fact, you would have trouble finding a local Kaikourian person, who has not contributed to this exciting new Aquatics project in some small or large way. Read more

Jellie Park's Indoor 25m x 18m training and learn to swim pool looks stunning

Metamorphosis complete, and how fitting is it, that Jellie Park is Coombes Aquatics 40th membraned pool project since 2016. Read more

BECS Technology introduces BECSys Now! a remote access App to check your pool water chemistry 24/7

BECSys Now! provides an easy way for pool owners and operators to monitor the status of their BECSys Controllers 24/7. Read more

Parakiore Recreaction and Sports Centre Update

View Otakaro Limited's latest construction update and artist view of what this fabulous new sports centre is going to look like. Read more

Wainuiomata Summer Pool's 50m MacBall Themal Pool Cover Investment.

Wainuiomata's large 50m x 16.8m outdoor summer pool was struggling to maintain the desired swimming pool water temperature despite mounting gas hot water heating costs. Read more

The Park Hyatt Auckland's New Luxury Wellbeing Day Spa and Infinity Pool

"Luxury on the Waterfront" is the epitome of the Park Hyatt's new hotel situated on Auckland's elegant waterfront, and the ICl Team have had a part in creating the luxury day spa and 25m-infinity pool. Read more

Creating your own Sauna room, is the perfect solution to staying warm and healthy over the cooler winter months

Create your stylish winter wellness sanctuary with German-engineered, quality EOS sauna equipment, and accessories. Read more