CAL prepares for 4 week Covid- 19 closure

Posted March 24, 2020

Coombes Aquatics Limited team is busy getting ready for the four- week Ministry of Health Covid-19 closure. All our current building sites are being safely closed down today and our management, design and support team are all working from home for the foreseeable future.

All council, community and school pools are closed and most outdoor residential pools will be winding down,  as we reach the end of the outdoor summer swim season.   

Turn the heat pumps and solar systems off and switch the filters into winter mode. Alternatively, manually run the filters every couple of days to keep pool water moving.   

Algacide is a great product to add to the water when shutting down your pool for winter, dose if you have stock and if not run the filters every couple of days. In 4-weeks time we can supply you with some Algacide for the rest of the winterisation of your pool.   

Stay safe, stay well and as active as you can be, without our favoured recreational water spaces being open. 

Short- term if you have any queries please email our team at

The CAL team looks forward to working with you again very soon.