Lake Taupo Holiday Resorts New Twin Polin Waterslide

Posted May 3, 2022

Coombes Aquatics Limited's talented team can hang up their high vis proudly,  after the completion of the colourful new twin Polin Water Slides at Lake Taupo Holiday Resort. 

Like all big commercial projects, there are loads of project planning, engineering, material procurement, and client liaison, required to turn an architectural impressionist's drawing into a thrilling and exhilarating, live waterslide experience.

The Lake Taupo Holiday Resort's overall goal is to create the "ultimate backyard paradise" for resort customers. They want all their customers, irrespective of age to have a relaxing and memorable thermal water park experience.  Beautifully, landscaped pool surrounds, complemented by beach entry-styled thermal pools, a swim-up to bar and cafe, endless inviting blue and white poolside lounges, and the very special Weta Workshop glowworm cave, all exude the desired iconic kiwi-style backyard paradise.  

Coombes Aquatics Limited and Polin Waterslides' challenge,  was to design a 9m water tower to create a thrilling all-year-round twin waterslide experience, using thermally heated water,  filtered in a hidden inground plant room,  and without detracting from the resorts relaxation vibe! 

How hard can that be? 

Well, one winding bright yellow and black checkered water slide intertwined through another crisp apple green and white striped waterslide, supported by a 10m vertical, powder-coated orange structural steel tower frame achieved just this!        

The cries of joy, laughter and beaming smiles at the end of the waterslide ride say it all.

See our photo gallery from the artist's impression to the joyful water-slider.   

The Lake Taupo Holiday Resort welcomes you all to come and stay and test drive their new colourful twin Polin Waterslides and discover the surrounding thermal wonders and activities that Lake Taupo has to offer.        

Coombes Aquatics Limited is now looking for their next waterslide construction challenge - phone our project team today,  if you have an idea in mind for your Holiday Resort, Holiday Park, Hotel, Motel or Aquatic Centre.