Pool ready tips for the Summer Swim Season

Posted September 19, 2019

At long last, the days are stretching out and sunny warm days are becoming a regular thing. 

Time to lift the pool covers off, check the pool water chemistry, chemical controllers, filters, pumps and pool heating are all working as they should be,  for the forthcoming summer swim season.  

CAL has prepared a pre-summer swim season checklist: 

Thermal Pool Covers 

  • Lift the covers - clean the covers on both sides -top and bottom.
  • Check the pool cover has not torn, ripped, or holed over winter nor taking in water.
  • It is no problem to replace eyelets, ropes or patch repair your thermal blanket if required   
  • If your thermal cover is 7 -10 years old and thinning it may be time to consider replacing your pool cover as thermal pool covers lose their thermal effectiveness with age. 
  • A new MacBall thermal pool cover will make a significant difference in retaining the days generated heat, reducing water and chemical loss via evaporation.
  • For more information and product specifications view the MacBall Thermal Pool Covers brochure.     

If you have Wintered over your Outdoor Pool

  • Clean out the pool and plant room skimmers & lint pots
  • Vacuum the pool if the water is clear to murky. 
  • If your pool water is green to black -delay vacuuming, water test and chemically treat.
  • Once the water is clear again then Vacuum the pool tank. 
  • CAL has an affordable range of Robotic and manual pool cleaners and vacuums to suit your residential, school, community or commercial pool.
  • Our Robotic pool cleaners work independently of your filter system, reducing the filters workload and the need to backwash after every vacuum.
  • Less backwashing is kinder to the environment and saves valuable water and chemical resources lost in backwashing.       
  • Turn the filters on or reset filter timers for summer operation 
  • View our Pool Vacuum and pool cleaner range 

Water Testing, Chemical supply and Automatic Chemical Controllers   

  • Water test or send a water sample to Coombes Aquatics- Christchurch workshop for testing.
  • We will test the pool water and let you know what products you need to be summer-ready.  
  • CAL stock the renowned Palin water test kits and tablets for school, community and commercial pool operations making manual water testing easy. 
  • Order your bulk Chlorine, Salt and PH delivery for your commercial, community, or school pool. 
  • We also supply free School Pool record charts with bulk chlorine deliveries- ask Hamish, for a free school pool record chart, at your next school chlorine delivery.
  • For smaller pools, we supply 20lt containers of liquid chlorine, 20lts of liquid ph, 25kg bags of salt, and all the lesser-known pool water chemicals required to maintain your pool's water clarity. 
  • We also stock the handy pottles of paper test strips to check water clarity.      
  • CAL operates a 20lt container exchange system, you pay for your 20lt containers once and when you require a refill, we simply exchange your containers for full ones and you pay the refill price. 
  • Automatic Chemical Controllers for domestic, school and commercial pools take all the guesswork out of chemical dosing and can be easily added to your plant room. 
  • Ask our team to tailor a chemical dosing system for your pool and save time, stress and reduce chemical handling.  

Run the Filters & Pumps 

  • Checking all plant equipment is running as it should and there are no water leaks or unusual pool plant machinery sounds! 
  • Any concerns phone CAL and we can send one of our skilled Technicians to check your plant room operation and repair any water leaks.        

Retest water

  • If water chemistry is correct turn on the pool heating. 
  • Cover the pool and you are ready for another wonderful summer swim season. 

Summer Season Monitoring for continued Swimming Pool Water Health  

How often do I check the pools water chemistry: Weekly, Daily or Every Two or Three Hours? 

  • Ongoing monitoring of your pool water chemistry is dependent on your pool's classification of use: domestic, school, community, or commercial pool operator.    
  • Statutory water health guidelines are available in NZS Pool Water Quality  NZ5826: 2010 and vary depending on pool/ spa operation.  
  • If you are a School Pool, investing in the addition of a BECSys 5 Chemical controller allows you to reduce manual pool water testing to twice daily, saving valuable labour hours and stress measuring, recording and manually testing pool water.
  • The BECSys 5 provides accurate and reliable pool water chemistry readings with optional 24/7 remote access.   
  • For residential users, once a week is a recommendation,  but be mindful that sweltering hot days and all the neighbour's kids in the pool,  quickly changes water chemistry and you may need to check the pool water daily over this period. Handy paper pool test strips are great for daily residential pool check-ups.     

If unsure our team of experienced Technicians and Account Managers are happy to assist with your pool, plant room and chemical requirements, leaving you more time to enjoy your swimming pool or run your school/commercial water programmes.

Phone our friendly team today for assistance.