South Hornby School Te Manu Tukutuku Full Pool and Plant Room Refurbishment

Posted February 27, 2019

South Hornby School Te Manu Tukutuku inherited Branston Intermediates' old school pool when they moved to the former intermediates school's  35 Amyes Road school site in October 2017.

The swimming pool was old and tired, with an outdated plant room and too deep for primary aged children to swim in.

In October 2018 HRS began building the new changing rooms and plant room utilities space.

At the same time, Coombes Aquatics Limited began the full pool and plant room refurbishment. The pool floor was raised, a new balance tank constructed, heat pump added, filtration and chemical controllers installed in the new purpose-built plant room. The pool tank floor and walls were lined with the ELBE Blue Line 1.5mm reinforced watertight membrane, adding a fresh modern look. New railing, ladders, a pelican hoist, MacBall Heat Saver thermal pool covers and poolside seating were all added to complete the refurbished swimming pool for the generations of South Hornby School Te Manu Tukutuku children to come.    

Swimming lessons,  swim sports, family and community fun days in the purpose-built heated primary school pool at South Hornby School Te Manu Tukutuku are all now wonderful occasions,  even on a cool grey day.   

View our gallery photographs  of the incredible before and after pictures of South Hornby School Te Manu Tukutuku's,  swimming pool refurbishment.