Splash Palace, 13m High Triple Waterslide Structure is up!

Posted September 17, 2020

Coombes Aquatics Limited is delighted to showcase the 13m high, triple Polin Waterslide platform, and steps made by Almagated Builders, and installed by Southlands, JK Engineering Ltd.

The next stage is the exciting, colourful waterslide construction.

If you are visiting Splash Palace, a sample piece of Polin's trademark "'shinny both sides"  waterslide resides in the Splash Palace Aquatic Center's entranceway for you to view.    

By the looks, these "couple of steps" to the top,  of the 13m waterslide tower may provide us all, with a little bonus anaerobic conditioning before the thrill of the new triple waterslide descent!

The CAL team looks forward to sharing the next exciting Polin Waterslide construction phase at Invercargill's Splash Palace with you.   

Till the next update. 

Hei te marama e tu mai nei era atu mahukihuki.