The ELBE Blue Marble Sparkle-finished just in time for the Christmas Break

Posted December 16, 2020

Style, a little bit of pizazz, and functionality are all considerations existing pool owners have to work through when deciding ''to paint or not to paint" the swimming pool.  

For many of our residential swimming pool owners, the summer family fun water space transforms into a tranquil off-season winter water feature, so water aesthetics are very much part of the refurbishment equation.   

Our lovely, long-term Christchurch clients were determined to find a refurbishment solution that ticked all the above boxes as well as complemented, their stunning 1970's Architecturally designed residential property. 

A solid white or blue palette they believed, would be too stark against the deep dark brown and black wooden hues and terracotta tiles of their 1970's residential property. 

However, the thought of regularly re-painting and tiling the swimming pool over the summer break was also very unappealing and this pushed the ELBE membrane option into closer contention. 

Comparative pricing and limited 12-month paint product warranties skyrocketed the ELBE membrane's 10-year water tightness and 15-year material warranty to the forefront.

Not to mention, that installing a reinforced 1.5mm ELBE pool liner also means the end of the 3-5 year pool repainting cycle! But the aesthetics weren't working!   

The ELBE Island Style membrane range of sandy tan to black speckled white sand styled finishes was seriously considered before the traditional blue and white marble finish was decided upon.

The results speak for themselves,  and the long covid manufacturing and shipping delays are almost forgotten, and our courageous clients can enjoy their ELBE Blue Marble finished membraned pool,  that perfectly complements their stylish 1970's residential property.  

For more pictures of this stunning pool transformation, view our project gallery. Please note the extra bubbly water in the photos,  is our Roboter I-Cleaner 120C, robotic pool cleaner working away. 

Please phone our team today,  to discuss your ELBE Membrane swimming pool tank transformation or enquire about our Roboter Robotic pool cleaner vacuum range for your residential or commercial swimming pool.