The Park Hyatt Auckland's New Luxury Wellbeing Day Spa and Infinity Pool

Posted June 3, 2021

Park Hyatt Auckland's new luxury 5-star hotel located on Auckland's elegant waterfront is the collaboration of many talented, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Builders, and Sub-Trades, and finally after many delays opened its doors on the 14 of September 2020.   

The CAL team was fortunate to be awarded the water services contract for the new luxury hotel's day spa and 25m-infinity pool.

The opulent and elegant ambience has been created by interesting shaped pools within pools, water spouts and lighting features, bubbling jets, beautifully crafted stainless steel seating, ladders, and finishings, and marble tiles to complete the luxurious wellbeing water space.  

To ensure full bather comfort and monitor the 25m-infinity and spa pool's water health,  CAL has installed the internationally renowned BECS Sys5, automatic chemical controllers for each water space. The BECS Sys5 automatically dose and monitor the water chemistry 24/7. The BECS system's accuracy and technology also allow the Hotel's maintenance team,  remote access to the chemical controllers for easy monitoring, and problem-solving should there be a change in water chemistry.  

If you would like to create a stunning wellbeing water space of your own, phone our talented team today,  to discuss your water vision.