Thermal Pool Covers- do they really make a difference?

Posted August 13, 2020

Coombes Aquatics Limited (CAL ) has been custom making the MacBall Thermal pool covers for close to 35 years, with some of our school, residential and commercial pool clients on their 3rd set of thermal pool covers!

Thermal pool covers work in the same way as roof insulation works in your roof space, by trapping in the days generated heat. The thermal pool covers, 3 layer polyethylene foam sandwich, creates a thermal break, locking in the days generated heat, stopping condensation and valuable water and chemicals lost via evaporation.

Most swimming pool heat is lost overnight due to the significant change in day/night temperatures which affects most outdoor New Zealand swimming pools. A thermal pool cover reduces this overnight heat loss and means reduced daily energy costs, mechanically reheating water spaces.

The MacBall Thermal pool cover can be made to fit your indoor/ outdoor, plunge, residential, school, competition, or large outdoor recreational pool. With large, shaped, outdoor pools, like Jellie Park in Christchurch, simply covering the bulk of the shaped water space, makes a significant difference to heat retention, water, and chemical loss.

For more information on CAL's Thermal Pool covers and Reels -please view our product pages or contact our friendly team today,  for a  custom made Macball Thermal Pool cover quote.