Wainuiomata Summer Pool's 50m MacBall Themal Pool Cover Investment.

Posted July 1, 2021

The Wainuiomata summer pool complex is famous for the 80m open-air water slide that weaves itself through stunning native bush. The aquatics complex also sports four large family-friendly swimming pools, surrounded by sweeping green lawns, rose and shrub gardens. 

However, keeping these beautiful family-friendly water spaces tropical was proving problematic, despite the rising gas bill, the pool water was still cooler than bathers and the centre staff desired.   

The solution, after some investigation was to invest in a set of MacBall Thermal Pool Covers for the 50m pool, three stylish modwood underbench reels, and an Autowinder to make reeling in and deploying the 3 long, heavy pool covers easy.   

Evaporation, conduction, convection, and radiation are responsible for up to 90% of the heat loss from a swimming pool.  

The MacBall Thermal pool covers 3 layer system, of UV-resistant polyethylene, which works as a thermal block on the exposed pool water surface, locks in the day's generated heat, and reduces evaporation to near-zero,  saving valuable water and chemicals lost in the evaporation process.   

The Wainuiomata Summer pool complex team, can't believe how much warmer the pool water is and the large reduction in the monthly gas bill is further testament to just how effective the MacBall Thermal Pool Cover system is,  at saving valuable heating, water, and chemicals costs and resources.   

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