Zane Solar Gulf Panels or Gulfstream Absorber Tubing

Solar Pool Heating 

Solar pool heating is used as an alternative swimming pool heating option or combined with a heat pump for summer season water space heating. 

Zane Gulf Panels are modular panels, with great heat transfer properties, made in a variety of widths to match your roof space. 

Zane Gulfstream Absorber is a more affordable braced roof,  solar tubing solution.    

How it works 

Swimming pool water is pumped up to the roof space via the filter and an additional water pump. The pool water then travels through the individual sun-heated rooftop panels or tubing and then returns back into the pool as warm water and the process repeats itself,  while there is sunshine on the roof space.   

For Solar to be effective we ideally need: 

m2 effective solar roof panels = m2 Pool surface area.

This coverage ratio can be challenging for larger pools and alternative solar framing is sometimes required.   

Solar controllers and sun sensors allow the automatic activation and control of your new solar pool heating system.

Solar Heating requirements

Factors to consider when choosing a solar pool system.

  • Your swimming pool's summer season sunshine hours?  
  • The m2 of available north and northwest facing roof space?  
  • Accessibility and Pitch of your roof?        

Advantages of a Combined Heat Pump and Solar pool heating system 

A combined solar and heat pump swimming pool heating system provide the perfect solution to the variability of the New Zealand spring/ summer climate from one year to the next. The heat pump using an advanced solar controller can be programmed to activate when the pool water space goes below a certain temperature to be assured of consistent water temperature over the October to March summer swim season.  

Some facilities use solar pool heating for the main pool and a heat pump for the smaller learners pool - the choice is yours and our team is happy to tailor a heating solution that works for your unique pool environment and budget requirements. 

Please note NZ Health and Safety standards require full edge protection scaffolding for all solar roof installations and maintenance repairs. 

ICL recommends the addition of a MacBall Heat Saver Thermal 8 Pool cover with any swimming pool heating installation. The MacBall Heat Saver Thermal 8 Pool blanket holds in the days generated heat that is lost overnight as a direct result of the significant day/night temperature variation experienced in the New Zealand summer pool October- March swim season.    

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